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He is portrayed by ben kerfoot. oscar cole was part of the m. she single- handedly beat them all. oscar' s mother, jade dixon- halliday, betrayed m. all after mi9 agents came to arrest his mother when he was young. high is a british action television series produced by kudos for cbbc and created by olivia mcrae. what happened to oscar' s mom in mi9?

however, when mi9 won' t do anything about the villains and the underlings of skul, oscar will take matters into his own hands without a second thought, if it means ridding the world of their diabolical presence. he has a very sarcastic sense of humour. 9 who have to balance their school life with their jobs as secret agents. mi high series 1– 3 has released digitally on itunes australia, germany, and france, although across all three countries are only in standard definition, as opposed to the netflix releases. oscar goes rogue! biography he is an athletic, intelligent boy, though his personality and family background are more closely related to daisy millar. high spy team from series 3- 5, replacing blane whittaker. tom is the gadget boy of the group. in the episode, " the mole ", it is discovered that oscar has a fear of the dark. the series focuses on a team of undercover teenage spies working for the fictional secret intelligence agency m. oscar lived at an mi9 safe house, with benedict for 2 years, then lived at the mi9 training school before being hired by mi9 for the m.

oscar cole ( ben kerfoot) is the team' s cover, ' social chameleon' and infiltration expert, speaking over 14 different languages. he gets on really well with rose, carrie and avril, and is friends with scoop doggy - and his posy - and donovan. high spy team from series 3- 5 and 8. what is oscar' s fear of the dark in mi9? high unit and being moved yet again to another safe house with a different mi9 agent.

jump to navigation jump to search. who is the creator of mi high tv series? where to watch mimi high series 1– 3? mi high oscar tom tupper ( saint heart' s student and mi9 spy, series 6– 7) played by oscar jacques. she appears to be a double agent, switching sides continuously to gain the advantage. güneşi beklerken 42. he usually stays behind at base and guides the others through their missions, eating biscuits.

tom gets jealous at times that he is usually required to stay in the base unlike the others.

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